Know when customers are talking about you

Crowdlens monitors all platforms relevant to B2B software companies and sends real-time alerts when somebody mentions your brand, your competitor, the problem you are tackling, or any other keyword that matters to you.


Monitor every platform relevant to B2B software companies

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Zoom in on your audience and grow

Monitor the web's social and community platforms and get notified about:

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All the features you want

Crowdlens comes with all the features you need to monitor the web, social platforms, and communities effectively.

Monitor every platform relevant for B2B software companies

Keep a pulse on over 30 social and community platforms.

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Real-time alerts

Get notified in seconds whenever somebody mentions your keyword - either via Slack, email, or webhooks.

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Relevance scoring, sentiment analysis, and more.

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Shareable reports

Understand and report trends.

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API access

Consume your mentions programatically through API.

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Loved by founders, marketers, and sales reps around the world

Matija Sosic
Matija Sosic
Co-Founder, Wasp (YC W21)
I'm one of the early users and think this is a really promising and helpful tool for every community builder!
Robin Guldener
Robin Guldener
Co-Founder, Nango (YC W23)
Crowdlens is very helpful for us to find relevant conversations in social media for our open-source product. Would not want to miss this in my toolchain anymore!
Leonard Püttmann
Leonard Püttmann
Developer Relations, Kern AI
At Kern AI, we use Crowdlens daily. It's a fantastic tool to engage with your community and find content quickly.
Michael Zittermann
Michael Zittermann
Co-Founder, nuvo
Monitoring relevant content across platforms is an arduous task for us. This easily saves a couple of hours per week!
Alex Harris
Alex Harris
Founder, Adadot
Here at Adadot we have a daily power-hour during which we use Crowdlens to surface any community content with commenting on or sharing. Great tool!
George Novik
George Novik
Founder, Zerocoder
Crowdlens is a game changer for DevTool companies! It's great to see a tool that prioritizes genuine engagement over traditional marketing tactics.
Florian Merian
Florian Merian
Developer Marketing Mentor
Developer marketers finally have a solution to find all the different places where developers hang out.
Moritz Feuerpfeil
Moritz Feuerpfeil
Developer Relations, Kern AI
1. Use Crowdlens to find relevant discussions 2. Contribute with your expertise 3. Gain trust and interactions 4. Build healthy community Devs hate ads more than anything, so give this tool a try for reaching them!
Marketa Chalupnikova
Marketa Chalupnikova
COO, Tolgee
We have tested Crowdlens in Tolgee lately, and it seems like a game-changer for DevTool companies looking to grow their user base!
Johannes Hötter
Johannes Hötter
Co-Founder, Kern AI
Crowdlens allows us to find relevant discussions outside of our own spectrum. It's literally scanning all relevant platforms, and then suggesting where we need to engage with developers to have a high chance to attract new engaged users.

Start listening to your audience today

For individuals who want to start with social monitoring.
Everything B2B companies need to monitor their audience with AI.
Includes everything in Individual, plus:
Coming soon.
Includes everything in Startup, plus:

With the early access plan, you will get a weekly email with all mentions of your keywords. Once the SaaS is launched, we will give you access to a plan that has similar or better capabilities - still for $19 per month.

Besides general web monitoring (comparable to Google Alerts), Crowdlens tracks keyword mentions on Twitter/X, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hacker News, Stack Overflow, GitHub, DEV, Hashnode, Kaggle, Medium, Product Hunt, Capterra, G2, and several online forums. Further sources can be added on request.

It depends on the platform. For Twitter/X, Reddit, DEV, YouTube and a few others, we get 100% of all keyword mentions. For the other platforms, we see the mentions like a logged out user searching on Google. Therefore, it is possible that we do not recognize every mention (the hit rate is still over 80%).

We offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you’re not happy with the results. No questions asked.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, it will then end that month.

We are planning to launch the Pro product in February 2024. The early access plan will also give you access to the SaaS. Sign up for the waitlist to not miss it.

Eagle Eye is the predecessor product to Crowdlens. We decided to rebuild and brand the whole product to make it available for a broader audience.

You can reach us at We will get back to you within 24 hours (usually way faster).